Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There's so much room for ACTIVITIES!

I created this blog a pretty good while ago and haven't made any recent entries. Busy and tired are understatements for how my life has been lately. Finishing up my BS degree at ASU, starting the CLT/MLT program at Calhoun, and also working full-time on 3rd shift in a micro lab can take a toll on mind, body, and spirit. At least I'm making it, right? And it will all pay off in the end, right? Well, that's what I keep telling myself hahah! 

Anywho...this particular entry is created for my CIS301 class. As part of our midterm, we had to create a blog and blog about our class activities. Since I already had a blog created, I really didn't want to create another one. Lazy...I know and I'm sorry. This particular class is my first distance learning class. Which means it is completely ONLINE. I've had "blended" classes before, but never a full distance learning class. I've learned I'm not to fond of them. I always forget to check my Blackboard, forget due dates on assignments that are to be sent in, and sometimes forget I'm actually in the class. YIKES! 
CIS301 is a computer information systems class that teaches students the fundamentals of basic computer skills like: Word documents, save a file, changing desktop backgrounds, naming files, finding files...so forth and so on. In this CIS class, we have read the chapters and answered questions concerning the topics in the chapters. Then we send them to our professor to get credit for doing the assignments. As we all complete this class, we will be as tech savvy as a 6th grader...(maybe even younger) since this generation is all about being tech savvy. It's crazy to think what technology will be like when I have children or grandchildren. Our minds will probably be blown! 

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